The Bible teaches us that in the last days mankind will be full of distress and perplexity. The word perplexity comes from a Greek word meaning no way out. In other words, things will be out of control. Things get out of control when they operate in opposition to Scripture. Being a child of God does not license us to forsake God’s principles about various issues of life. If there were ever a time when we needed to stick to the Book, it is now!

The nation of Israel is given as an example of suffering because of following their own lustful ways instead of conforming to the will of God. Just because the mass of humanity lives a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s right. In fact, the exact opposite is more likely to be true. May we each seriously receive the wisdom that we need to keep in step with God’s Word.

Pleasure-mania is out of control. Violence is out of control. Immorality is out of control. I’m amazed at how many Christians are impressed with the apparent morality of unsaved friends who, at the same time, reject God’s standards of moral absolutes. Face it, the good old U.S.A. is not a Christian nation any more than Iraq is! It is a nation with Christians in it, but it’s not a theocratic nation except on paper – our money, which proclaims IN GOD WE TRUST.

It’s high time we got off the bus of immorality and materialism. It’s time that we got back to apostolic living. Time is short. The Lord is at hand.

May we realize our true homeland is where our real treasures are. Setting our affections on the right Person and right things is the only sure way to peace in a world that is out of control.