David said, while in the midst of some heavy trials, that he would have fainted if he didn’t know that God was good.  This knowing is the kind that dwells in the heart; it’s not a mere mental assent.  None of the children of God escape hardships.  I don’t think that we are much different from David, or vice versa.

So, where can we find peace or make sense while in life’s crucible?  In this fact – God is good.  Not only is God good, but His mercy is operating right now as you read this devotional.  The great “I AM” is always good.  In fact, only He is exclusively good.  Meditate on that truth for a moment.  By (partial) definition our Lord Jesus is: effective, beneficial, untainted, genuine, real, strong, honorable, worthy, desirable, dependable, complete, ample, sufficient, morally excellent – in short, GOOD!

Don’t let life’s potholes alter your understanding of God’s character.  Don’t allow Satan’s lies to prevail over the eternal truth of God’s goodness.  Because God is good, we are told to give Him thanks.  Why don’t you do that right now.  Thank Him for saving you, loving you, preparing a place for you in heaven.  Thank Him for His “benefits program”!

It’s so wonderful to know that the true and living God is in “the business” of teaching sinners like me how to live like a child of God.  That the good God would love, die for, and live in an “un-good” guy like me is amazing, but His impartiality toward all mankind is one way He manifests His goodness.  Once you’ve tasted God’s goodness, you’ll never have trouble trusting Him.  Even when the Holy Spirit deals with us, we realize that the basis of His correction is His goodness.  The mischief of man will never outlast the goodness of God because the Lord is “good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy”.

Furthermore, He can be called upon in the day of trouble for He is good, provides security and protection, “and He knows those who trust in Him.”

We will faint unless we, like David, are certain of God’s unchanging, unending goodness.  Knowing this enables us to conclude that everything today is part of His good plan.