Job declared that God alone spread out the heavens. Indeed, the God of the Bible is God, and the only God, and beside Him there is no other. Notice that when God created the entire universe He created it alone; He didn’t need any assistance. Secondly, He created everything, both visible and invisible. Thirdly, He brought forth everything out of nothing.

Do not accept a cheap substitute for the Lord Jehovah. Do not accept the Latter Day Saints’ “local deity” who is merely one god among many. Do not accept the polytheism taught by the Jehovah Witnesses who declare that Jesus Christ is only “a god”. Accept fully and confidently the truth: “In the beginning, God” (Elohim). This Hebrew word for God indicates the compound unity who alone stretched out the heavens. This word describes a plurality within a oneness. “Let Us”, and “Our” give us clues to this definition.

Oh the value of the doctrine of our Creator God. The One who measures the heavens with the span of His hand, which hand by the way, also holds you if you are a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, the heavens declare His glory. Yes, the visible creation demonstrates His invisible power and Godhead. Those in heaven worship the Creator. Creation itself, along with the Church, presently groan in anticipation of that grand finale, the completed redemption. One day, there will be “new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.”

How we long for that day, don’t we? But perhaps you’re reading this article today with tears rolling down your cheeks. You’ve failed Jesus, so you’ve been running from Him instead of running toward Him. STOP! Read Psalm 51 and follow the Spirit-inspired instructions for restoration. Allow the Creator the opportunity to create in you a clean heart, and a renewed spirit and joy will be the fruit of your decision.

Never forget that your help comes from the One who made the universe. Let Isaiah 40:28-31 speak afresh to you today, and keep entrusting your soul to your faithful Creator.