The apostle Paul wrote about how believers will one day meet Jesus in the air. Possibly you have heard of ‘Air Jordan’, the nickname given to the former Chicago Bulls superstar, Michael Jordan. I’ve often dreamed about flying high and slamming a basketball, but realized that it wouldn’t happen unless the rim were lowered to about 7 feet. I’m not real disappointed though, because I know that my next blink could spring me right up into glory. What a ride that will be!

However, many Christians can be lulled into a kind of ‘Houdini’ walk with Christ. By that I mean looking for the event rather than watching for the Lord. These escapists can be very unwise. They can even begin to get somewhat negligent. You see, saints, the escape promised can not be divorced from holy living. Purity, not passivity, is the effect upon the soul anticipating Jesus’ return. How we live is an indication of what we really believe, not simply how we speak.

Jesus said we’re to ‘occupy’, or ‘do business’, until He returns. This does not mean we’re to seek our own interests, but we’re to give ourselves to Him ‘as a living sacrifice’.

Since no one knows when this liftoff will take place, maintaining a state of readiness is the duty of every Christian. Proper exercise is an absolute necessity if we are going to stay in the race. The correct footwear is also vital.

Jesus is preparing a place for us, and we are to prepare ourselves to meet Him. Even though we are in enemy territory, we have been given all the necessary provisions. However, this necessitates a full commitment on our part.

Israel was exhorted to prepare to meet God. You, too, will meet the Lord Jesus some day. Do you know Him? Does He know you? The next moment could find you in His presence. Make your calling and election sure. The next event you participate in could be ‘liftoff’!