How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions are part of the old life. As Christians our greatest need is revelation. Even though we see through a glass darkly, unaware of the secret things that belong to the Lord alone, there are things He has revealed to us that we are to pass along to our children and obey ourselves.

This revelation does not come from university study or even a Bible school; it comes straight from the Holy Spirit. Oftentimes these revelations of the Lord occur as we sit quietly before His Word. The greatest revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. (We can easily get swept away with the prophetic nature of the book of Revelation and completely ignore the very first verse!) Jesus reveals the glory of the Lord. How vital it is for you and me to not only come to Christ, but also to abide in Christ.

You see, by cultivating this personal relationship with the Lord, we supernaturally enter into that state of spiritual mindedness, which is life and peace. Child-like, not childish, trust in God’s Word precedes revelation of His ways, and fellowship with the Son brings a greater revelation of our loving Father. This fellowship with the Lord is to the end that Jesus would be revealed both in me and through me. This revelation of grace will turn the world ‘right side up!’