The Scripture says that believers are married to Jesus.  This is a great mystery.  What isn’t a mystery is the conclusion that can be drawn from these verses, and that is that the Lord Jesus wants to have a loving, personal, intimate, and eternal relationship with us.  How wonderful it is to have this fellowship with Jesus.  Your marriage with Jesus is supposed to be a joy.

Just as in any good marriage, there needs to be meaningful communication.  Cultivate that relationship with the Lord by reading the Bible and praying.  God speaks to us through His word, and we speak to God through prayer.  We can also speak God’s word to Him in prayer with the result being His ministering to us as we become still before Him.

You can be sure that your adversary, the devil, will stir up all kinds of pleasures to distract you.  Satan is the god of this world, whose agenda has as its goal the Christian’s betrayal of wedding vows by getting us to fall in love with this world again.  Even though this world appeals to our flesh, we must remember that its pleasures are only momentary.  King David knew that lasting pleasures are only found in God.  “In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

When we are virtuous, we are a crown to our Husband Jesus.  Our Husband is also our Maker.  We, like every faithful wife, should give to Jesus due affection and reverence.  Let’s present ourselves to Him and Him alone.  As we learn to blessedly submit to our Head, the love that He gives us will be shed abroad to others.  That’s the fruit of being married to Jesus.