solomon-templeIn 1 Kings 7, we read that when Solomon built the temple, there were two pillars of bronze.  The one on the right was given the name ‘Jachin,’ meaning ‘He shall establish,’ and the one on the left the name ‘Boaz,’ meaning ‘in strength.’ These pillars were to be an ever-present reminder to each successive king of the fact that he was ruling by God’s appointment and by his grace, and that in God lay his strength. It is only by divine appointment that those called by God are established and find strength. Imagine going to the temple. Every time you would come to the house of the LORD in the days of Solomon, you would be reminded that ‘God Shall Establish.’ And  ‘In God there Is Strength.’

Jesus said to the church at Philadelphia in Revelation 3, him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God. Because of the imputed righteousness and grace of Jesus Christ given to believers, we are overcomers. But lest we think that we overcome in our own strength, we need to remember that in the temple called the church, it is in only Him and because of Him that we are established; likewise, it is only in Him, and through Him that we have strength. Every fruitful individual Christian and every fruitful local church is established by God, and built by the strength of God. Beloved, we worship the God a Who loves to establish and strengthen us in the things of His kingdom.

For those who are weary with life or are reeling under the horrible consequences of sin, The Blessed Lord Jesus would say to you today, come unto Me and get established. Come unto Me and receive the strength of God. May a The Lord a Jesus establish your ways today, and grant you His strength to abide in Him, and in the power of His might.