Proverbs 25.28 He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

God is not threatened by mankind’s ability to exercise discipline. We were created by God with the ability to choose life and not the knowledge of good and evil. It is sin to take or accept the glory that belongs to God alone. But, to live a life of discipline in order to align my heart with God’s will as found in Romans 6 does bring glory to God! It is the lack of obedience and discipline that brings reproach to God and is the cause of His displeasure.

Granted, without Christ, we can do nothing. Granted, self control is one of the fruit of The Spirit. But Jesus talked about the difference between those who heard His words and didn’t act upon them with those who heard and obeyed.

We are clearly exhorted in Scripture to be doers of God’s word. We are clearly told to exercise ourselves unto godliness. Numerous Scriptures reveal the human agency involved in putting on the new man in Christ. Some misguided saints believe that they cannot obey God until they are zapped by Him. Thus, their obedience does not depend upon them, but God. In other words, the question mark hangs over God’s head not theirs. Is that what the bible teaches?

Read the Scriptures for the complete story on this matter. Mark every time God gives a command to keep or a promise to embrace. Read the consequence of obeying or disobeying. Consider words like choose, yield, submit, humble thyself, obey….when the gift of choice is used to obey The Lord, His glory is not diminished in the least. It is magnified.