We live in a nation whose values are twisted and unbiblical.  This is revealed so plainly by the things that we are impressed by, or the people we are impressed with.  The lesson that the prophet Samuel learned is a basic one for the disciple of Jesus Christ, namely, that God does not see or value people like man does.  In fact, Jesus said that “what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.”  The psalmist Asaph was nearly swept away by faulty impressions, wasn’t he?

The Lord Jesus, the most beautiful expression of God Himself, was not given a very good rating by society.  Our generation is impressed with wealth, beauty, strength, or intelligence.  Inasmuch as any of these things are godly they are beautiful; but it’s sad to see the people of God “in awe” of those who are highly esteemed in any field, yet ungodly.

The Lord recorded this “refresher course” to the sons of Korah in Psalm.  Although apparently impressed by the wealth of the unsaved and depressed by their own poverty (Were they jealous, angry at God, or both?), the Lord reassures them that there will not be a U-Haul trailer following the hearse during the funeral procession.

Oh yes, while the ungodly were alive they were praised, and they even praised themselves.  However, their hourglass stopped … now what?  Jesus Himself told about the eternal destinies of an impressive man and an unimpressive man, which you will surely want to read.  (Note: It was not his status or net worth that determined each man’s destiny.)  There is no eternal value to any human accomplishment apart from whatever is done in Jesus’ name.  “For what will it profit” is the question Jesus asks every generation.  God is not impressed by outward things, titles, or trophies.  Those are “of the world” and will perish.

Look around you today at those whom God chooses and uses.  What God is impressed with is a heart that is totally in love with Him and, consequently, compassionate toward others.  Don’t be deceived, saints, by the false glamour and enticements of this world.  All these things will be dissolved.  The only “Hall of Fame” that is of eternal significance is found in Hebrews  and includes every “whosoever” of John :.  Are you impressed by those who are elevated to “godhood” by the unsaved, or are you getting homesick?  We’ll be home soon.  Then we’ll know what being impressed is really about!