When I was younger there was a famous heavyweight boxer who proclaimed, I am the greatest! Typically, that’s the spirit of the world we live in. Looking out for self, indulging self, promoting self, etc. How contrary to the message of Jesus! Jesus tells us that for someone to lay claim to greatness in the Biblical sense means that he is the servant of all. A servant? Great? In the world’s view, no; but in God’s eye, precious.

Leonard Bernstein is known to have said that the hardest spaces to fill in an orchestra are second horn or violin. Why? Because everyone wants the lead roll, the spotlight, the accolades, the applause. The Flesh!

The refusal to play second fiddle can creep into the church. John tells us how Diotrephes loved to have preeminence. Let’s never forget Who is the Preeminent One. The greatest in God’s Kingdom are those who serve. Jesus, our supreme example, is known as The Servant. He demonstrated it at the Passover meal by serving the meal and washing the apostles’ feet. Ultimately, taking that servant form led to His greatest sacrifice – His death on the cross for the sin of the world. So the One who could truly say, I AM the Greatest, demonstrated that greatness by serving.

The destiny of the child of God is to serve Him throughout eternity. The choice to serve God is up to you. Taking into account the uncertainty of our life-span and its certain brevity, it is of eternal value to choose to follow the Greatest. You cannot be governed by two masters; nor can you choose your clientele. Certainly, you cannot be looking for the applause of men.

How the Lord is pleased when His love flows through us towards one another in service. Read how Anna served God in such a selfless way, and how Phoebe demonstrated a truly liberated woman. Paul told Timothy how the servant of the Lord should conduct himself or herself. The Psalmist tells us ingredients vital to serving God. Do you know what attributed to Daniel’s promotions, revelation, and lions’ den ministry? He served God continually. Along this path of serving Jesus, you will be rejected, mocked, accused, applauded, encouraged, discouraged, etc. But never forget the price that was paid to make you a servant of the King.

Bring the Carpenter’s awl, please.