The cross of Jesus Christ is the measure of forgiveness.  The cry of Christ, “It is finished”, means “paid in full”!  Every sin was blotted out with that cry.

Recognizing and receiving forgiveness is a vital ingredient in a believer’s walk.  But there’s another side to this coin.  Sometimes, especially after we’ve been hurt by a fellow saint, we, like Peter, ask Jesus, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?”  Jesus then answers Peter and proceeds to teach a parable lesson about this matter of forgiveness.  Take careful note of the parable  because you and I are on these pages of Scripture.

Every believer has been given total and complete forgiveness in Christ.  How blessed it is to be forgiven by God!  Not just forgiven, but forgiven for all things!  Having received forgiveness, as the parable goes on to show us, God will allow people to enter our lives who will ask us for forgiveness for things they may have said and/or done to us.  Note carefully that if we do not forgive that person from our hearts, trouble lies ahead.  Unforgiveness incurs the anger of the Lord.  Perhaps right now you may have unforgiveness in your heart toward someone.  Jesus would have you remember His cross, and His complete and unconditional forgiveness for you.       

What can an unforgiving person expect in their life?  Torment.  Unforgiveness is tormenting and actually breeds fear because it is acting in an unloving way.  Love forgives not just one sin, but even a multitude of sins or, as Jesus said,  x  (implying that we shouldn’t be keeping count).  If you are not a forgiving person, a time will come when you will need forgiveness and you will run into someone just like you.  So forgive, and your forgiveness will return.  Even if someone needs your forgiveness seven times in one day, forgiveness is not optional.  After all, what could someone possibly do that you would not forgive them, in light of Jesus’ words on Calvary?

Unforgiveness leaves Satan, the ultimate tormentor, an open door for attack.  We must learn how to forgive following our Lord’s example.  Forgiveness granted is the basis and building block of relationships.  May each of us be as ready and willing to forgive each other in proportion to our Lord’s great forgiveness towards us.  Ask Jesus to forgive you for the sin of unforgiveness, and your ability to forgive others will rise up in your soul.