In both the Old and New Testaments we read about a heavenly scene where God is being worshipped with the words, Holy, Holy, Holy. God is Holy; in fact, that is His very Name. He alone is reverend (or awesome). Rather than being a part of creation, God is the Creator and is totally set apart from His creation. He indeed is blessed forever and a faithful Creator. There is no comparison between the infinite God and finite man.

What are some of the reactions of individuals in Scripture when they had a close encounter of the best kind? Moses responded to God’s call by saying, Who am I? Upright Job was itching to talk to God, but when he finally stood before the Lord he declared, I am vile. David, like Moses, responded to God’s blessings with a deep sense of awe. Thomas, when face to face with the risen Master, simply stated, My Lord and my God. John the revealer fell at His feet as dead.

Take note that each one of these individuals was God’s chosen vessel, and yet when in His presence each of them came to the same conclusion that Paul did: O wretched man that I am! Because God is supremely holy and we are mortal, His presence would generate the same initial response in us to our unholy condition.

You see, we are saved sinners. The principle of sin is still active in our flesh and to deny this is to deceive ourselves. Praise the Lord that the sin penalty has been paid by Jesus Christ! The Just died for the unjust that He might bring us to God. Sin no longer has dominion in the believer’s life, but sometimes we are overtaken and concur with our Savior that this flesh is weak. The recognition that God is holy and we are unholy should result in praise and adoration at God’s plan of salvation for us.

The fruit of this revelation is humility. A proud person does not know God, nor can he or she be used by Him other than in an incidental way. The first beatitude declares a recognition of our spiritually bankrupt condition.

True conversion will usher in this humility, and God’s grace will work a compassion in our hearts that cries at the world’s pain and reaches out to them, for the love of Christ compels us.

A holy God using holy people ñ evangelism at its finest.