What? According to the apostle Paul, every single one of the heretical teachings that were seeking to find acceptance in the body of Christ stemmed from the simple fact that they were not holding fast to The Head of the church, Jesus Christ. The same holds true today. My intention this morning is to be practical, and not theological. But keep in mind that sound theology is necessary for God-fearing, Christ-exalting practical application. Today dear ones, my word of encouragement to each one of you is simple. Hold on to your Head – Jesus Christ – in all that you do and say. Instead of asking Jesus to walk with you, purpose to walk with Him.

Let me explain. In the book of Genesis, we read of two men who are specifically mentioned as being men who walked with God. In chapter 5.22, we read that Enoch walked with God for 300 years. Enoch walked in a way that was pleasing to God, because he held on to his Head, Jesus Christ. It was said of Noah in chapter 6.8 that during those turbulent times prior to and leading up to the flood judgment, He walked with God. Both of these men are recorded in the hall of faith chapter, Hebrews 11.Jesus said that the last days would parallel the days of Noah, thus, it is fitting for us to remember the legacy of these two men of faith who walked with God.

We have been told on Scripture that Jesus Christ is coming again. We have been given the signs of the times in both Old and New Testaments. With that right in front of us, it can be so easy for us to become more passionate about the signs of the times instead of walking with God and making a difference for His Name sake. Enoch and Noah talked with God and walked with God. They had to stay connected to Him in order to be directed by Him. Their walk with God is in a sense a model or pattern for us to follow. Instead of freaking out over the collapse of the world’s economy or the crisis in the Middle East or the hundred of other ungodly influences we are confronted with day by day. Purpose to talk to The Lord about them. Sanctify The Lord God in your hearts, and be ready to give an answer to people who ask you the reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. Instead of being consumed by fears and phobia’s and current events. Purpose to be consumed with a love and passion for your glorious Head, Jesus Christ.

Know this beloved, the overflow of your holding on to your Head Jesus Christ will result in you making a difference in this fallen world. You cannot be holding on to Jesus Christ and be passive regarding the state of the world. It is impossible, because your heart will break for what breaks His. However, let us remember to keep the main thing, the main thing. And what is that?  It is holding on to your Head, Jesus Christ. The Christian life is not about me, it is not about you, it not even about the signs of the end. It always is all about our glorious Head, Jesus Christ. Walk with Him and be directed by Him today in all that you do.