I found this unnamed article on the Internet a few weeks ago and thought it would be a blessing to you precious saints. Have a wonderful, upward view of Jesus in every situation today.

Pastor Ray


1. To the Artist – He is the One Altogether Lovely.
2. To the Architect – He is the Chief Cornerstone.
3. To the Astronomer – He is the Sun of Righteousness.
4. To the Baker – He is the Living Bread.
5. To the Banker – He is the Hidden Treasure.
6. To the Biologist – He is the Life.
7. To the Carpenter – He is the Sure Foundation.
8. To the Doctor – He is the Great Physician.
9. To the Educator – He is the Great Teacher.
10. To the Farmer – He is the Sower and Lord of the Harvest.
11. To the Florist – He is the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon.
12. To the Geologist – He is the Rock of Ages.
13. To the Horticulturist – He is the True Vine.
14. To the Judge – He is the Righteous Judge.
15. To the Juror – He is the True Witness.
16. To the Jeweler – He is the Pearl of Great Price.
17. To the Journalist – He is the Good Tidings of Great Joy.
18. To the Oculist – He is the Light of the Eyes.
19. To the Philosopher – He is the Wisdom of God.
20. To the Printer – He is the True Type.
21. To the Servant – He is the Good Master.
22. To the Student – He is the Incarnate Truth.
23. To the Toiler – He is the Giver of Rest.
24. To the Sinner – He is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.
25. To the Christian – He is the Risen Son of God, the Savior, the Redeemer, and Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings!!!