Prov 8.34 “Blessed [is] the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.”

The blessed person is the person who hears, watches, and waits. Hears, watches and waits for Who? The Lord. These words do not portray a passive Christian life. They describe the person who is actively hearing, actively watching, and actively waiting upon The Lord. Oh how I pray that God would cause that truth to go from my head, to the depths of my soul. God created us for fellowship. Jesus Christ has fully accomplished the work of atonement on our behalf, in order that we might return to living the way we were created to live. Hearing, watching and waiting for God.

Ask The Lord to write those three words on the back of your eyelids today dear ones. Filter every conversation with people today through the filter of those three words. What do you want me to hear Lord? What do you want me to see Lord? What do you want me to do Lord? After all, it is God Who has ordained that encounter. We know from the context of this verse in our meditation today that the context is the wisdom of God. Many believe that this a Wisdom is none other than The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the treasure and sum of all the wisdom and knowledge of God. So, to be mindful of these three words, hearing, watching and waiting are not only wise. Those who apply them are blessed.

Truly blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it. Be it a circumstantial good day, or bad day, purpose that you will listen for The Lord, watch what His providence places in front of you, and wait for Him to direct your path. This is godly wisdom. This is abiding in Jesus. Hear, watch and wait….God is working, both to will and do of His good pleasure.