Job cried out, O that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleads with his neighbor! The Holy Bible reveals Jesus Christ as the answer to mankind’s cry for an advocate. God affords to every man the opportunity to come to Him for forgiveness of sin, and fellowship.

We see this typified in our Lord’s cry to Jerusalem, but they rejected His offer and the result was desolation. The Word tells us that Jesus saves to the uttermost those who come to Him. What a mighty Redeemer we have! What a blessed truth that God is for us! Yes, the Lord is on our side!

Mercy, truth, righteousness, and peace were brought to man on Calvary. There is no reason for anyone to hide from God anymore. The door of salvation and all of its benefits are offered to you. Only a lie from the devil can blind you. Only a love for the darkness can disqualify you.

This present world system promises you everything, but can deliver you nothing lasting or worthwhile. Anything that it offers will eventually pass away. When you do strike it rich you soon discover how empty you really are. Only in a loving relationship with the true and living God, through His Son Jesus Christ, can one find satisfaction and purpose in life. Sadly, many Christians, lacking root in God’s Word, begin to get more carnally minded than spiritually minded. The end result is crushing.

We are told by Paul the apostle not to give place to the devil in our lives. Beware of allowing him those subtle inroads into your life. Satan’s only agenda is to devour you. He ceaselessly works on your thought life, particularly today in the areas of finances and relationships.

When it appears that God isn’t coming through for you, Satan will quietly nudge you to compromise. Remember what happened (in Genesis) when Abram tried to bring about an answer to prayer by sleeping with Hagar? He attempted to fill the gap with the flesh, as opposed to waiting upon God’s timing. The Middle East conflict is the fruit of the flesh! How much better to hear God’s Word, and then do it by faith.

Whether saved or not, your need for God exists. Reader, is your whole being crying out for the living God today? Jesus is there to receive you the minute you receive Him. God’s mercy is His response to misery. God’s grace is His response to failure. Repent and accept His forgiveness, and then forgive yourself.

Yes, sinner and saint alike have One they can turn to. Hear what God speaks, and purpose not to turn again to folly.