“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. This exhortation from the lips of Jesus is found in Mark 11:22. Don’t speed read the passage – read it again prayerfully, slowly. This is God the Son speaking, not only to Peter, but to you and me. No matter what crisis you may be in today, have faith in God.

How comforting it is to know that our God is faithful. We can trust our Lord. He is faithful to forgive and cleanse us of our sins. He is faithful to strengthen and protect His saints. He is faithful to provide all of our needs.

Weary saint, have faith in the God who turns human weakness into glorious victories. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have faith in God. Are you uncertain about what to do? Have faith in God. Perhaps you are in a season of testing. Have faith in God. Are you anxious? Have faith in God. No matter what your need or struggle or situation today, you can put your trust in our faithful Creator.

Read Hebrews 11, and find fresh encouragement from those who walked ‘by faith, and not by sight’ May each of us cultivate that living, loving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as we fellowship with each other, worship Him, pray for one another, and study His word. Throughout the day, ‘Have faith in God’ because He loves you and will remain faithful to you!