Scripture reveals an amazing audience observing the activity of man upon the earth. Hebrews speaks about a great cloud of witnesses. The unequally yoked wife is being observed by her unsaved husband. Our employers, both saved and unsaved, are watching. The devil is looking for someone to sift and devour. The Lord God is looking for true worshipers and those who will be about His business.

Whew! On top of that, God’s Word itself leaves us naked and open before Him! Is it any wonder that we are exhorted to consider our ways? Can it be that we are, in many ways, the least inclined to watch our steps? Every day there is so much at stake. Every day there are many choices that we make in the way we think and in the things we say and do.

In all of this, there is an audience observing our ways. Biblically, it is impossible for a person to be alone. Yes, we may have those seasons when we experience the absence of human companionship, but we are never unobserved. Our activity attracts attention. Fleshly activity and the corrupting work of the devil go hand in hand. Spirit-filled activity and the fruit of the Spirit do the same.

May we purpose to walk with God today. May we purpose to walk by faith and not by sight. Put on Christ today. If you’re not looking for Jesus, you’re looking for trouble.