Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. (Psalms 80:3)

Three times in Psalm 80, we find the words found in our morning devotional. They were directed to The Shepherd of Israel, Who dwells between the cherubim. It was a request for God to turn them again towards Him and grant them with a fresh sense of His favor and presence. Obviously, the people of God prayed this way because they had experienced adversity and difficulty. They were under attack and overwhelmed.

While we may not be facing the attack of an enemy nation, we certainly will wrestle today against flesh and blood. As sure as the sun will rise, I can count on the enemy of my soul to get under my skin or in my head today. He could use lost car keys or he could use a nasty remark made by a loved one to set me off. Hopefully, none of this will be what your day will present you, beloved. Nevertheless, it is always wise to pray anticipatory prayers like the one in our devotional.

Before we see anyone or talk to anyone this morning, plead with The Lord for fresh help and a fresh sense of His favor and help. Be filled afresh with the grace and mercy of Jesus. Bask in His presence and receive afresh His grace, mercy and help. Not only for yourself, but for those in your family, or at work or school. Be a grace and mercy dispenser for Jesus. You have heard that the best defense is a great offense. Thus, the best way to attack the fiery darts of the enemy is by walking in His gracious and merciful strength. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and ask Him to turn your heart towards Him again. May the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ strengthen you, settle you and use you today for His glory and honor.