The reason why God’s people literally ‘lost everything’ was because they cleaved to their lovers and forgot God. Now, there is a forgetting that is unintentional. However, this forgetting was more like when someone tells us to do something and we reply, ‘Forget you, man!’ In other words, ‘I’m not going to do it!’ When we have a ‘Forget You, God!’ attitude, desolation is right around the corner.

To reject Christ is to reject the true knowledge of life itself. It is so easy to forget God and just maintain a religious appearance. Pride precedes forgetting God; in fact, pride is forgetting God. When we forget God’s word, we self destruct. When we forget our daily Bread, all kinds of other things will begin to clutter our lives.

Israel was so blinded by her lovers that she no longer could discern the true source of her blessings. She was setting her heart on her iniquity instead of on things above. Whenever a person chooses to ‘run away from home’, discontentment and lack are inevitable. Our hearts are to be the dwelling place of Jesus, not lusts. A person who is coveting anything is in reality an idolator and, like Ephraim, is engaged in shameful pursuits. Iniquity is a thief that spoils the healings and blessings from God. Could you tell your spouse how much you love him or her while at the same time be sleeping with a stranger? Of course not! Forsaking our first love can only lead to woe. The tragic consequences of sowing seeds of ‘Forget You, Jesus’ are no joy, no fruit – all the result of forgetting and forsaking God.

The steps of spiritual erosion occur whenever we live with the philosophy of ‘my will be done’. We cannot be content with just a form of godliness, for we are living in the last days, and God is separating those who love Him from those who are lovers of pleasures. Are you a Demas?

Is there a remedy, a way out of this destructive pattern? YES! Return to Christ. Repent of any compromise. Return to a fruitful relationship with Jesus.