Isaiah 12:3  Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Israel is located in a semi-arid climate that is totally dependent upon rain for its provision of water. You learn to appreciate water when you live or visit a place where water is rare or hard to come by. The phrase “wells of salvation” does not mean that all roads lead to God, for God Himself makes that point clear (Isaiah 45:18,21,22, 46:9).

A well is something that is deep. In Christ there is a depth of joy that is not of this world; there is a depth of joy that is far deeper than external pleasures. “Wells of salvation” speaks of there being a constant supply of living water for those who are in Christ, in spite of how dry one may feel or how hot the circumstances. Jesus Christ is that Living well of salvation. 

As we said earlier, God is your salvation, beloved, and your wells are the places and the times when you come to Him. There is no place and no time when He is not ready to meet you. We don’t come to the well merely to analyze the water or discuss the water or memorize the water. We come mainly to taste the water. We come not just because we know the water is good for us; we come because we love the water, we crave the water, we enjoy the water, we savor the water, we need the water. What happens when we go to the wells of salvation tired and thirsty and even desperate at times? What happens when we draw up the cool water and put our face in it? We are refreshed.

Here is a key to counseling others. No matter what the situation, no matter what the need, point them to the Well of salvation, Jesus Christ.