Isn’t it interesting how we can turn aside from the simplest commands into confusion? For example, the singular call of Jesus to His disciples is to ‘Follow Me’. Those words are a call from Jesus to come near to Him, and, in doing so, to learn from Him. In other words, Jesus is to be the focus of our attention. I can’t speak for any of you, but there seems to be a part of me that repeatedly forgets those simple words of Jesus.

How often do we find ourselves frustrated or discouraged or disillusioned in our walk with Jesus because our eyes wander from Him to others, or onto ourselves? We must get back to basics if we intend to bear fruit from the true Vine. We must cultivate that listening ear, ever expecting the Lord to speak to us wisdom, direction, or counsel. Jesus wants to lead us today, saints!

Like Peter, we can oftentimes ignore the call of Christ in our lives because we are wondering what His call is for others. But as we study the four Gospels, we find the life of Jesus as the Son of Man set before us as an example. This included His prayer life, His submission to God the Father, His humility and strength found in doing the will of God, and even His suffering.

How revolutionary it would be if each of us ‘adopted’ Jesus’ example of love, forgiveness, and servanthood. Fellowship with Jesus and follow His example. He’s watching.