We find in a study of the Book of Acts the outpouring of God the Holy Spirit upon Cornelius and his household, who were Gentiles. They became, as the Jewish disciples of Jesus had become on Pentecost, heavenly-equipped for holy living! Jesus foretold of this filling with the Holy Spirit.

Is this filling only offered to a select few? No, it is a gift for all who repent of their sins. How wonderful our Lord is! He is continually giving us gifts. When was the last time you read your believer’s ‘benefits package’? These are daily gifts from the Lord.

You see, the Spirit-filled life is the normal Christian life. Therefore, we are exhorted to continually be filled (or to stay filled) with the Spirit by abiding in the atmosphere of worship and an attitude of prayer. This all takes place by our simple abiding in living fellowship with Jesus.

As we gather together today, let us give thanks and sing unto the Lord. Let us give our full attention to what the Lord will say to us. Let us ask the Lord to do in our midst what He did in our texts 2,000 years ago. How we need that flow of God’s Spirit to produce His fruit in our lives. Let’s call upon our King today and ask Him to work mightily in us and through us, that He would be glorified in our lives.