2 Samuel 10.11 And he said, If the Syrians be too strong for me, then thou shalt help me: but if the children of Ammon be too strong for thee, then I will come and help thee. 12 Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth him good.

The people of God were surrounded by the enemies of God. Their strategy for battle was to help one another out, be courageous and leave the outcome in the hands of The Lord. They went to battle for the glory of God, and for the sake of their families.

Today there is a war being waged against the people of God and families. There is a war against traditional marriage, and gender. There is a war against biblical values. How should the body of Christ respond to these vicious attacks? First of all, I am not suggesting that we go out and murder the enemies of God. I am suggesting that we be united in proclaiming to them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course we must lovingly state our position on any issues with Scripture, but have we forgotten the latter part of The Master’s command of Matthew 5?

Dear ones, are we spending far too much time debating our differences on Facebook and Twitter instead of being about our Father’s business of sharing the gospel and loving one another in Christ? Yes, differences exist within the family of God, but when differences become divisive, who wins, and who laughs? There is room and need for our exhorting one another; but not to the point of canceling out the witness of Christ in the process.

May I suggest that we make real efforts to love another in Christ. Pray for one another. Our marriages. Our children. Our churches. When we walk in that love, I believe our witness of Christ will be stronger and more powerful than when we try to do it alone.