A while back, another saint asked me my view on fellowship in light of the Internet and the trend of “organized” fellowship in small groups. The gist of my answer is that true fellowship is birthed by The Holy Spirit, is usually “organic” rather than planned, but always an intentional effort made by the child of God….hope it blesses you today.

Here are my thoughts concerning church community. First of all, I do believe that gathering together with one another for services on Sunday is where is all begins and is built upon. That is where we pour into others what God has poured into us throughout the week. This is sorely lacking with Internet church or having church at home or on the beach.

I really believe that in this day and age, any person who is a part of any church community and really, not theoretically, has the desire and means to fellowship with other saints can have as much fellowship throughout the week as they put the effort into it. If a person is waiting for fellowship to ‘just happen” or for others to come to them, it ain’t gonna happen. It must be intentional and understood to be a biblical part of ones spiritual discipline and diet.

Even before being in ministry, according to Acts 2.42-47, Lizzy and I have seen it important for us to avail ourselves and our home to meeting with God’s people now for going on nearly 37 years. Fellowship is both vertical and horizontal 1 John 1.3,4.

So, in addition to regular service times on Sunday and having people over to our house, we have also made it a point to get together with the saints at their homes. We simply consider all of this as being a vital a part of our walk. This may indeed “interfere” with my desire to “kick back” and chill. It may also mean that I will “miss” my favorite TV show or sporting event. It oftentimes requires us to juggle our schedules around; but we have never regretted the time spent with other saints. It is a matter of prioritizing our time.

The way I see it my friend, fellowship with others is something that I must seek and view as a kind of spiritual investment. Choosing to fellowship is like making a deposit and withdrawal into a spiritual bank account. Not only mine, but others. No deposit…no withdrawal….result? Bankrupt by choice.

Oh, one last thing. Seeking fellowship should never be perceived as something that I must do (though it is good for you), but as something that I want to do. Heads up; the flesh, convenience and other things will fight you tooth and nail once you decide to seek first the things of the kingdom of God. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Anything worthwhile is worth the cost. I do pray that helps you my friend.
Much love in Jesus,
Pastor Ray