One hundred and sixty-three times God speaks this admonition in the Scriptures to His people – “Fear not!” Usually when the Lord says “fear not” He’s addressing someone or some particular group of people who are frightened or troubled about some particular situation.

After Abram (Abraham for us New Testament saints) had defeated some mighty enemies in order to deliver his nephew Lot, he probably got a bit concerned about them contemplating a rematch. The Lord then spoke to him those encouraging words, which are true today for you and me as well: “Fear not…I am your shield”. Think about that, child of God. Today, right now, whether you feel like it or not, whether circumstances reveal this truth or not, God Almighty is your personal shield! Now that doesn’t mean that everything will necessarily be “all right” in the present, but it does mean that we must not give in to our fears that would crush our faith. We must trust by faith that Jesus is in control of all things.

When Israel was about to enter into the promised land, God knew that there would be opposition and temptations that would be “fear-fuel”. What does He declare to them? “Fear not, don’t be discouraged.” He repeated these words to Israel’s army when facing combat: “Let not your hearts be faint, fear not”. What was the reason that this small army needed not to be afraid? We find the answer in these words, “The Lord Thy God is with thee and doth go with thee. He will not fail thee nor forsake thee.”

We too face many battles in life. There are various “giants” in our walk – disappointment, tragedy, financial crisis, disease, shattered relationships, etc. Let me ask you today, especially you hurting, wounded saint: has God changed? Of course not. He is with you today, dwells in you, and will never forsake you. Let not your heart be troubled nor afraid. Jesus has not forgotten about you.

Don’t misread or misinterpret providence through the eyes of man or by the law of karma; look at your situation through the lens of Scripture. You need light, not logic or emotion, to see you through this dark period in your life. The worst that man can do to you or me is kill us, and Jesus says that we should not even fear that! The Master told a group of saints that were doubting His provision, “Fear not, you are of more value than many sparrows.” In fact, He said in another place, “Fear not, Ö for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

Fearing saint, God has not given that to you! Let Jesus’ perfect love cast out that fear. Sit quietly at His feet and allow Him to lay His nail-scarred hand upon you today, just like He did with John. Then, listen quietly to what He whispers into your heart – “Fear not”.