The title today is found in Galatians 5.6. The Greek word for works here is a word that means to operate or to put on display. It also could be translated energy. In other words, it is love that energizes, or puts faith on display. Faith and love are “twin pillars” of the Christian life. Biblically, faith and love are verbs. James tells us that you cannot see real faith apart from works, and what is it that energizes those deeds of faith? Love for Jesus Christ and your fellow man. Wasn’t that Jesus’ answer to the question, what is the great commandment in the law? Having experienced the love of God, the love of God is now shed abroad in our hearts. The apostle John tells us that real faith will produce genuine compassion for others. But it must be understood dear ones that these works that we speak of are not works that earn salvation, but works that stem from genuine salvation.

Jesus tells us that any display of good works should be done for the glory of The Father. So motives are important to God. You see, good works done to impress God are vain works. Good works done to earn ones salvation are dead works. Good works done to impress others are hypocritical works. For works to mean something, they must be rooted in love and done for the glory of God. No audience is necessary but One. Human nature being as it is, I find that I constantly need to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” and “Who am I doing it for?” I am ashamed to say that many times in the very midst of “doing a good work”, my motives are often wrong and selfish. I find myself asking for God’s gracious forgiveness and change of heart, which He so wonderfully does.

Like the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2, it is so easy to crank up the Christian good works machine. It is so easy to routinely do good things, like serve at church or help someone out (or write a blog!!!!) But the question that needs to be asked is what is the motive? May God The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified today in and through your life. May your good works be motivated by His love and for His glory. Blessings, loved ones.