I’m convinced more than ever that Satan’s fuel in the believer’s life is excuses. Now that might seem a bit harsh at first but think this through with me. Proverbs 26:13 talks about making excuses. The individual here mentions the presence of a lion in the street which hinders him from performing some duty. No doubt the verse implies that the person’s own slothful attitude, coupled with a lack of vision and satanic lies about invincible circumstances, caused him or her to do nothing.

Can I tell you a candid truth today? For believers in Jesus Christ there will always be hindrances to serving Him. The devil wants you to feel right before you serve. What is the lion in your life that hinders your walk? Here are some I’ve run across in counseling: I’m too tired to go to church at 8 a.m.; I’m fighting off a cold; I don’t feel like going to church (or Bible study, or prayer meeting, etc.); I’m too busy. The list is endless.

If you and I do not determine to have a personal prayer/devotion time, attend church and Bible studies, invite people over for fellowship, go to prayer meetings and the like, I can guarantee that Satan will capitalize on your lion-like excuses. Not only that, but we often miss opportunities to minister to others because of excuses such as, I’d witness more, but I’m afraid; I might not know enough Scriptures; God certainly can’t use me because I’m too old (or young, or fat, poor, ugly, stupid, etc.). Excuses, excuses, excuses! And every one of them is a lie from Satan!

The Bible tells us that we should be prepared to do the things of God in season and out of season and to be ready always. We often go through our lives excusing our way out of blessing and fellowship. I’m amazed at the time Christians have for TV, exercise, newspapers, magazines, sleep, home repairs, vacation and leisure, but they don’t have any time for a mid-week study, family Bible reading and prayer, and so on.

Now we all have family responsibilities and work commitments, and these are God-given duties as well. But would I be wrong in saying that some Christians are content just getting by spiritually? Oh yes, those lions in the street will get us sidetracked if they can have their way. The real issue is will you let the roaring lion nullify your spiritual walk with lies and excuses, or will you choose the Lion of the tribe of Judah to be the source of your strength?

There are two lions, two choices. It’s your decision.