Help! Boy, do you and I know how many times that word has come out of our lips? Whether it be for a child that is ill, and overdue bill, an uncertainty in some decision, or simply being overwhelmed by our responsibilities, the one word that is inevitably breathed (or maybe shouted) in our prayers is ‘help’.

The story of Ebenezer comes from the time when Israel, about to go to battle with the formidable Philistine army, beseeched the prophet Samuel to petition God on their behalf. The response of Jehovah to His people’s cry for help was literally a ‘thunderous’ victory! As a memorial of the victory God had given them, Samuel set up a stone and called it ‘Ebenezer’, which means, ‘Stone of Help’. Samuel’s Ebenezer is yours and mine as well. Jesus is ‘the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel’.

Dear child of God, we have holy, heavenly help available to us at all times. Christ is our help and shield. In fact, He is ‘a very present help in trouble.’ It is only the true and living God who can help us, unlike dead statues and deities made by man. When we look up, we remember where our help comes from. ‘Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.’

Stop for a moment. Place that troublesome person or nagging need into the hands of Jesus. May His strength provide you a fresh start today. We can be certain that grace will be given to us whenever we go to our Ebenezer, for He is the answer for our every care.

As we celebrate His life, may we realize that His purpose for becoming a Man was to die for our sins and destroy those things that would destroy our lives. Blessed Jesus, You are our Eternal Ebenezer!