The promise to those persecuted for Christ’s name sake is that their reward would be great in heaven. Jesus said that ìthe kingdom of heaven is at hand, or near. Our citizenship as Christians is in heaven. Our passports have been eternally stamped by the blood of Jesus Christ. How important it is to remind ourselves often that heaven, not earth, is our true home.

In remembering that thought we should realize that the will of God, as it is in heaven, is what we are to desire on earth. Jesus, our example, lived out the will of the Father here on earth for He was the true bread who came down from heaven for that express purpose. Living for heaven and looking forward to heaven is the practical sum of the Christian life. Viewing our lives through the lens of eternity enables us to have the right perspective and priorities in this life.

From heaven our Savior will return for us. In heaven is where our eternal hope lies. May we seek that heavenly mindset in this present evil world for we have reservations at the head table of the marriage supper of the Lamb.