One of the most well known figures in the bible is Joseph. He was favored by his father Jacob because he was the son of his old age. The Scriptures clearly tell us that the favoritism of their father bred rivalry and jealousy from Joseph’s brothers.Joseph -Konstantin_Flavitsky_001

When Jacob sent Joseph went on a mission to see how his brothers were doing, he walked right into a trap. They conspired to kill him, but, by God’s grace, decided it would be better to throw him into a pit in the wilderness and let him rot. Instead, some Ishmaelites from Gilead were passing through and they sold their brother to them for 20 pieces of silver.

Not a very good day for Joseph, is it?

Betrayed by his brothers, in the pits and sold into the hands of strangers to become one of their slaves. However, prior to all of this, God spoke to Joseph in a dream a word of prophecy about how He would raise him up to a place of prominence.

How in heaven can betrayal and pits and slavery be a part of God’s plan in bringing this prophecy to pass?

I do not claim to understand the mystery of divine providence, but I do know that God was the Master Plotter of every single event. The lessons of providence are not easy to understand at times, are they? Hurt, pain, rejection and betrayal are certainly not enjoyable; but, for the child of a God, they are inevitable.

In bitter times, don’t get bitter beloved. Look to Jesus and find in Him the love and acceptance that you and I so dearly need. Do not let the hurt of people overrule the love of God for you.

As you follow the story of Joseph, you see the plan of divine providence untold before your very eyes. God is working in your life, dear child of God, both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Hold His nail-pierced hand today and walk by faith, not by sight.

View every pit you are facing as a divine hurdle meant to strengthen you in your walk and draw you closer to Jesus. Whatever is meant by others for evil, God will work for good and His glory. Blessings today.

Gen 37; 50.20; Phil 2.13