“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”  Both faith unto salvation and faith unto spiritual development are the product of hearing the word of God.  Of course, we readily see that this hearing is much more than audible, natural hearing.  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” is a reference to the hearing heart, or spirit of man.  Whoever has ears to hear the word of God is any individual who receives the engrafted word, meditates on it, and then applies it.

We must take the time to allow our spirit to “soak in” the word until it connects with our understanding.  As we read our Bibles with this mindset, faith comes, or develops.  “Hear Him” is the message from the Father.  To not hear Jesus is the path to destruction.  As believers “listen” to the voice of Scripture and establish a solid, doctrinal foundation, they experience the ongoing work of salvation in their lives.

However, we must guard against developing a hard-heartedness to the word. We must purpose to “be swift to hear”.  We are truly blessed whenever we hear God’s word through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.  Saints, for God’s glory, let each of us take it to heart to hear God’s word; it will set us free.  The man of wisdom hears God’s voice and sees in His word the Father’s name (nature) and rod (instruction).  This develops faith.  “Hear, O My people” is the heart cry of God because He knows that the just shall live, and only can live, by faith.  When we do hear whatever God speaks, it produces not only faith, but peace.

Oh, the sweetness of spending time with the Lord like Mary did, hearing His word.  What a way to start each day!  Since we need faith to please God, and this comes by hearing His word, a wise man will hear this living word.

Yes, hearing and abiding in God’s word is the way to growing faith.