When our children were younger, we would often tell them about the importance of making prayerful, Biblical choices. We took a line from a Christian video, “You win or lose by the way you choose.” The ability to choose is given to every human being. You have chosen to read this devotional!

The Lord tells us in His Word to choose life. Choosing life means loving Jesus with all of our heart, obeying His voice, and cleaving to Him. You see, we reap whatever we sow. You sow wheat seeds and in due time you reap wheat. Have you chosen to serve the Lord today? Have you chosen the fear of the Lord? Have you chosen the worst of the kingdom of God over the best that the world offers you? There are many choices – thought choices, companionship choices, “eye choices”. Lord, help us to choose wisely!

Spiritual warfare in and of itself is intense. Do not compound the battle with fleshly choices ‘which war against the soul’. Remember, child of God, you are a chosen vessel! As such, you need to consistently choose to obey your Lord. The alternative choice of disobedience is unthinkable! Choose to listen or choose to lose; the choice is yours.