Our title is taken from Romans 6:17, where Paul is residing in Christ’s wonderful power and grace that enable us to walk with and serve Jesus. What a shame, though, that we need to be reminded to thank God for His presence in our lives!

David commanded worship designed to thank the Lord with praises. David himself declared, ‘I will give thanks to You forever.’ By the way, saints, so will we! Thanksgiving is the sacrifice of the New Testament priesthood because the giving of thanks magnifies our Savior.

Thanking God was an important part of the lives of many Old Testament leaders. Asaph, a worship leader in Israel, gave thanks for the fact that his God was near, as evidenced by His wonderful works. Even when petitioning any god was made illegal, Daniel still knelt down and thanked his God, just like he did any other day.

Likewise, when we remember the mercy of Christ, oh how we should declare thanks! The victory of Jesus Christ, given to us by His grace, is indeed something to be thankful for. When we are blessed by the care of a fellow saint, God should also be thanked for putting that desire to minister there. And when our needs are met through the generosity of others, our thanksgiving should ascend unto God as well.

To be thankful requires a renewed mind with our focus on the Spirit and not on the flesh. After all, thankfulness, which gives evidence of humility, is the antithesis of boastful pride. Also, the giving of thanks amidst our prayerful supplications is an effective antidote for anxiety.16 Serving the Lord with thanksgiving is to encompass every aspect and area of our lives. ‘In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’

Practicing the giving of thanks is rehearsal for eternity. With that in mind, saints, every day let’s ‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.’