Jesus Christ never changes. Although He is not with us physically, He is indeed with us literally, as A. W. Tozer said. He is with the child of God personally, and He is with us when we assemble together. Meditate upon these facts until they soak your entire soul with His blessed presence.

In a day when people are looking for help, it’s important that we, the Church, point folks to Jesus. Whether they are born again or not, God’s one solution to any and all of our problems is found in Jesus Christ. When Jesus ministered in the northern area of Israel called Galilee, the Scriptures tell us that people brought to Jesus all the sick people so that He could minister to them. It didn’t matter how small the problem and, of course, it didn’t matter if the situation was “impossible”. They had heard Him teach and they had seen Him touch others; there was nowhere else to turn. In fact, one lady that had an issue of blood for twelve years and had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors (including going broke) finally turned to Jesus. Two blind men cried to the Lord for mercy and Jesus touched them. So many varieties of situations, difficulties, emergencies, impossibilities. And Jesus ministered to them all.

Friend, Jesus is interested in you and in your present situation. Read these passages slowly: Psalm 138:7,8, Jer 29:11-13. Tears can be part of God’s plan; Jesus Himself wept. Just as sparks fly upward, trouble is part of every man’s lot in life. Is there no relief? Yes, there is. It’s found in the one Prescription that heaven’s pharmacy issues – Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor, and our Everlasting Father, Abba. He is Jehovah-Rapha, our Healer. In fact, He is our “very present help in trouble.” You can turn to Him right now with whatever it is you need. He may not take away your circumstances, but maybe He will! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Trade in your doubts, fears and anxiety for the peace of God that surpasses understanding. Go to Jesus and bring others to Jesus. He is waiting to hear from you.