Ephesians 1.3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.

Three times in one verse we find the word blessed or blessings. The Source of these blessings is our Blessed God and Father. The nature of these blessings is that they are spiritual. The place where these blessings come from are heavenly places in Christ.

This is how Paul, under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit launches his letter to the saints in Ephesus. Like us, these saints were under attack from the enemy. They were gong through that process of sanctification where the flesh needed to be put off and the new man in Christ needed to be put on. They were experiencing a whole new way of living and thinking, and it wasn’t easy in the least. Thus, Paul wanted them to know that what they were experiencing on earth was the working out of their salvation that was given unto them in Christ before the world began.

They may not have been “feeling” blessed, but they needed to know that they were indeed blessed by God. Their status on earth may not reflect their present conditions on earth, but they needed to know that they were in the safest place anybody could be. They were seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. A long time ago I heard someone say, “When the outlook is gloomy, try the uplook.” Beloved, your circumstances may not be very pleasant this morning. May God’s grace wrap you in His loving arms and remind you of Who you are in Christ, and how blessed you are in Him.