In the second chapter of Mark, we find Jesus ministering forgiveness and healing to a man who was unable to walk. Man, by natural birth, is lame, dead in trespasses and sins. Christians can truly rejoice because, through Jesus’ atoning work on Calvary, our names are written in heaven. I find tucked away in this wonderful gospel account, which typifies salvation in so many ways, a beautiful revelation of the God of peace and comfort. When Jesus saw true faith in action, Matthew tells us that He said to the man sick of the palsy, “Be of good cheer.”

It is significant and worth noting wherever Jesus speaks these words in the Scriptures:”Be of good cheer.” Here it was to a physical wreck that the Savior whispered “Be of good cheer.” Hurting saints, look to Jesus and hear Him speak those same healing words to your heart today. Never doubt that a new day is coming when your healing, even if it doesn’t arrive in this life, will nonetheless manifest itself permanently.

A second place where Jesus speaks these words is in the account of the disciples on the Sea of Galilee when their boat was being “tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary.” When the disciples saw Jesus coming toward them walking on the water, they cried out in fear. What did Jesus say to His frightened, faithless followers? “Be of good cheer, it is I; be not afraid.” In other words, He was assuring them: You know Me, and I know your situation. Your storm is not greater than I am. I am here with you in the storm, and very soon I will remove the storm. To those of you in the midst of some storm of life right now Jesus says, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

One last Biblical locations of Jesus’ encouraging words is found following a riot Paul started before the Jewish council. Paul had been physically ìroughed up and probably felt dejected because he had thought for sure that if anyone loved his fellow Jews and had the credentials to reach them, he was that person. He must have needed encouragement. And who stood by him? None other than Jesus, who spoke to Paul those precious words of cheer once again.

Whether we are suffering physically, battling the storms of life, or simply feel dejected at our apparent failures, Jesus remains the same and speaks lovingly to our hearts: “Be of good cheer!”