For too many people, Christmas simply means the baby Jesus in a manger.  This same Jesus, however, is known by numerous other titles, some of which are the following, Jesus is:  Shiloh, Passover Lamb, Captain of the Lord’s Host, Kinsman Redeemer (pictured by Boaz in the book of Ruth), Seed of David (typified by Solomon), Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, the Everlasting One, the Desire of all Nations, King of the Jews, the Word, God of all       comfort, Savior, Chief Shepherd, Beloved Son, Lion of Judah.  It is this Jesus that makes every day special!

As you can see, Jesus Christ is more than a baby, “away in a manger”.  To truly celebrate Christmas a person must know Christ.  Without Christ, any day of the year is hopeless and just a frustrating exercise of existence.  Of course, Jesus did come to this earth.

Interestingly, some of the first people to see the One who is our Great Shepherd were lowly shepherds themselves.  An angel of the Lord had declared that the arrival of this Baby was a message of great joy!  The joyful message is that through Him we would receive forgiveness of sins.  Now, the door of salvation is opened to those who confess Him as Lord.

Indeed, the gift we receive through Christ is eternal life.  To miss out on this gift is to miss the greatest gift that a person could imagine.  My prayer is that whatever veil that is over your heart today would be removed so that you might come to know the One who loves you and laid down His life for you.

Jesus is the Father’s gift to the world.  If you open your heart to Him today, with true repentance, you will never be the same … and neither will Christmas, or any other day.