No doubt, Paul was a wonderful servant of the Lord Jesus. However, even Paul learned the valuable lesson that no child of God can ever walk with Jesus effectively as a “lone ranger”. We find in Acts 20:4 that other ìliving stones accompanied Paul on his journeys. At the end of some of his letters, he records a list of faithful brothers and sisters that made a vital impact on his life and ministry.

Fellowship with our Lord and one another is vital for one’s spiritual health and well-being. The Church is a living body, composed of many parts and talents. Thus, terms like “superstar” or “hero” find no place in Holy Scripture, unless they point to our Lord Jesus Christ. In a practical sense, we need one another. There are no unnecessary parts in the body of Christ. So, you are an important part in the body. Your faithfulness to Jesus and a holy life enables the body to be healthy.

Never underestimate the power of your prayers or encouragement of others. Every time saints gather together, there is the potential for a wonderful exchange of gifts. Stir up that gift of God within you today, and do not let fear hold you back. Inasmuch as we do these things to one another, we’ve done it to Jesus. Seize those opportunities to do good to one another today.