We find in 2 Chronicles 20 a type of spiritual warfare. The Moabites and Ammonites represent the world and the flesh. Both are opposed to the will of God being done in our lives. Although our old man has been crucified, our flesh remains very much alive and prone to temptations. When the battle was imminent, Jehoshaphat did the most important thing first; that is, he sought the Lord and fasted. Sometimes strongholds in our lives or in our wills are only removed by prayer and fasting, as Jesus indicated.

A second action this king of Judah took was to gather together with others who were in the battle. Fellowship with other believers is a vital part of victory in the Spirit. Fellowship is the fruit of regeneration. This kingdom of God fellowship is impossible with the unsaved because this companionship is in the Spirit.

A third thing Jehoshaphat did was to speak to God on the basis of His ability, authority, and revealed will for His people. Communicating with God according to His word is powerful prayer! Also, Jehoshaphat publicly acknowledged and confessed Judah’s weakness and total dependency upon God. Sounds like an S.O.S. to me! The result was that the LORD spoke to him through a prophet who assured the king and all the people that the battle was God’s, not theirs! They were not to give in to their emotions, but were to simply believe and act upon God’s word. Lastly, it is recorded that they worshipped God in faith. One important result of worship is that it removes our thoughts from the battle and places them on the LORD.

What was the result of following these spiritual battle insights? They experienced a great victory without having to engage in a physical battle, and they blessed the LORD for the abundant blessings they received. Jesus intends that our faith be a victorious faith as well. Prayerfully study 2 Chronicles 20 and ask the Holy Spirit to minister to your heart these keys to spiritual victory. The results of following God’s battle plan will be joy, worship, and peace.