One evening I was watching a Gayle Erwin video on the nature of Jesus. In that particular section he was pointing out things that our modern church has that the early church didn’t have. Likewise, he listed things that we both have in common. Think that through in your own mind and list the things that we have and do not have in common with our early church family.

Well after watching that video, on my way to the office a few days later, I began to think about what Gayle had said, but in terms relative to the family and our different societies in general. What do we possess today that families back then didn’t have? Once again, what do we have that they also had? Are you beginning to see a pattern developing? If your list is like mine, I’m seeing us as having more things or gadgets. Certainly, particularly in the areas of medicine and technology, we have some decided advantages. However, has the quality of living improved? I’m not convinced that we’ve come all that far.

Could it be, as Gayle was pointing out, that we’ve become more dependent upon the transitory changeables and have politely shucked the Kingdom unchangeables to the rear? Simplicity is a word that somehow got lost in the recycling bin. Is it really true that only one thing is needful? Can it be possible to have only one desire? Was Paul pulling my leg when he wrote that he only did one thing?

Has the church put God’s word on trial? Are we consuming ourselves with unnecessary things? Is Is Luke 12:15 really true, that one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses? Are we majoring in the tangibles while ignoring the intangibles? God’s way is so much better! Wisdom excels over money. Little with the fear of God is more valuable than Lotto.

Love is the greatest seasoning. Righteous living is God’s gold standard. Toning our anger would produce more peace in our homes than the 5-minute workout. We need to cut the cord of the world and embrace the things of the Kingdom of God. Quality living can only be found in Jesus’ own words, …come, follow Me.