Our society is stuck on stars, for example, rock stars, movie stars. Some people even ‘follow’ the stars in the heavens to supposedly determine their futures (via horoscopes). How true God’s word is when it writes about people worshiping and serving the creature more than, or rather than, the Creator. The stars in the heavens are the work of God’s fingers. He even numbers each and every one of them and calls them by name.

On the human level, history has had a parade of stars or heroes, some no doubt more worthy of honor and acclaim than others. However, there is one Star that shines brighter than them all, and that is the Bright and Morning Star, Jesus Christ. Other ‘lights’ come and go; however, His light is necessary for life.

To follow Jesus is to walk in His light, enjoying wonderful fellowship and cleansing from sin. So let’s set our ‘telescopes’ once again upon Jesus Christ. While there’s nothing wrong with a scientific study of stellar constellations, may we even more diligently seek Him who made them all! May we remember the Star whose light delivered us out of darkness and death.

In fresh surrender to Jesus, may our lives reflect His light and grace and bring Him the glory due His name. ‘Come and let us walk in the light of the LORD.’