Matthew 12:20,21  A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory. And in his name shall the Gentiles trust.

When you think of the Name of Jesus, may your thoughts of His Name be as majestic, lofty and mighty as revealed in Scripture. Do not let a commentary or theologian limit or reduce what that Name means according to their own denominational or dispensational views. No one branch of Christendom can franchise the Name of Jesus. No one branch of Christendom dare say, He can only do this, and no more. To speak of what The Name of Jesus used to do in the past removes Him from His exalted position, puts Him back in the grave, and is an indication of that denomination’s tombstone. The Name of Jesus dwarfs any expressions of systematic theology. His Name is more sovereign and majestic than any Calvinist can express. His Name is more powerful to save than any Baptist can even imagine. His Name has more miraculous power and ability to heal or deliver than any Charismatic view of the supernatural. The power, love, and grace that are in Jesus’ Name are above and beyond anything that we can ever ask or think. 

Are you hurting this morning? Do you feel like you will not be able to carry on or function today? Is your body racked with unimaginable pain? Is your mind consumed with anxiety? A bruised reed, Jesus will not break. The only things that Jesus breaks are the binding power of sin and our confidence in human means to accomplish what only He can do. “In His Name shall the Gentiles trust.” Whenever that doubt or fear or hopeless thought comes to your mind today, remember that Jesus is watching and Jesus is working. God is for you, beloved, not against you. Your next breath comes from Him. You have committed your life to Him. An acronym for the word faith is: For All I Trust Him. Simply believe.