The prophet Daniel (in chapter nine), when praying for the restoration of his people after years of captivity, acknowledges the true owner of the city Jerusalem in verse.  Jerusalem is God’s city and is a key piece of Bible prophecy.  The first coming of Jesus Christ can be discovered by figuring from the date when the command was given “to restore and build Jerusalem”.  Ever since King David’s victory over the Jebusites, Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel in the hearts of the Jewish people.  David reigned as king for years there.  When the heathen plundered the temple, Asaph grieved over the fact that Jerusalem was destroyed.

Oh how the Jewish people long for the new temple in the midst of Jerusalem.  To stand in that holy city is the cry of any God-seeking heart.  God instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Child of God, just as God has surrounded Jerusalem with mountains, so has He surrounded you!  In a unique way, God dwells at Jerusalem.  To forget about Jerusalem for the Jew is unthinkable!

Israel today is an absolute miracle of God!  The Lord’s building of Jerusalem and gathering of His outcasts is fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  The beauty of Jerusalem is to be noted.  During the Millennium, the word of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem.

In all of the current discussions about the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem, I find it fascinating that in Islam’s holy book, The Koran, Jerusalem is not specifically mentioned once!  And yet, in the Bible, the city of Jerusalem is referred to in lots of books!  Jesus Christ was “dedicated” in Jerusalem, crucified in Jerusalem, triumphant over death in Jerusalem. The Church was endued with power from on high at Jerusalem.   And the eternal home for the saints will be the New Jerusalem, Holy Jerusalem.

Our Lord wept over Jerusalem and the hard hearts there.  He foresaw its destruction after His death and He prophesied that it would be trodden down until the times of the Gentiles were fulfilled.  The end of the age will center, in part, around the ownership of Jerusalem.

There should be no doubt as to whom the city belongs and whose capital it is.   The city of Jerusalem belongs to Israel.  That’s not political, it’s Biblical.