Esther before the King

In the Book of Esther, we are introduced to a man by the name of Hamaan. He is a man who embodies everything that a follower of Jesus Christ is not to be.

Hamaan has hatred and prejudice in his heart towards a Jew named Mordecai because he refused to bow down to him and honor him. This hatred moved him to the point that he sought to kill him by hanging him.

As the story unfolds, the King announces that he is going to hold a feast to honor a man who had blessed him. Hamaan, inflated with his own worth, is convinced that the King could only be referring to him. Of course, that was not the case. God was thinking about Mordecai.

Because of his hatred, envy, bitterness and pride, Hamaan ends up getting hung up, literally.

Beloved, humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He shall lift you up. Do not allow the seeds of hatred, envy, bitterness or pride take root in your heart, for they will choke the very life of God out of you.

Go to The Lord in prayer and confess those fleshly lusts that war against the soul. By dealing with sinful attitudes towards others God’s way will bless you and lift you up. But to be driven by envy, bitterness and pride will only get you hung up and destroy you. Romans 8.6