God instructed the nation of Israel to make a blue fringe, or tassel, on the borders of their garments. (Num 15:38) Blue is a color that reminds us of heaven. How important it is for us to remind ourselves daily that heaven is our home, and on this earth, we roam as pilgrims and strangers.

Another purpose for this ribbon of blue was to remind the people of God that His commandments were given to be obeyed. Obedience to God’s word is proof of true faith and friendship with Jesus. Grace doesn’t nullify obedience; grace makes obedience possible.

This ribbon of blue (A modern day equivalent would be a WWJD? bracelet.) was a reminder that God called them (and you and me) to be holy. It also reminded them not to seek the desires of their own heart and eyes as they had done in Egypt. We too must walk in newness of life.

Last, and certainly not least, the ribbon was to remind them of the glorious Lord God, who also has brought us out of the land of Egypt (the world) to be our God.

May the Spirit of God reveal to each of us practical ways to apply these lessons to our lives today.