Felix, the Roman governor was intrigued by the apostle Paul’s testimony; so much so that he sent for him to hear more about his faith in Jesus Christ. Never underestimate the power of God’s word, saints! The Lord’s voice is indeed mighty. Yet, apart from the sovereign moving of God’s Spirit along with a heart ready to receive the truth, change is impossible.

I wonder how many Christians suffer from “Felix-itis?” What is that, you ask? In Acts 24:25, it is clear that Felix had heard enough. The conviction was making him feel uncomfortable. In essence he said to Paul, “Go away until I have room for you in my schedule.”

Learn this — whatever time the Holy Spirit delivers God’s truth to our heart, that is the time for you and me to receive it. We may not like it, but that is not the issue. God deals with each of us in the present tense. “Come now”, and, “Today, if you will hear His voice”, is the way God speaks. We need to clear the clutter of our heart to hear what He is saying to us. We need to shake off the lethargy or indifference if we intend to move on to maturity in Christ.

May God’s clock tick in our hearts every moment in order that His timing and ours are one and the same. When that happens, it’s a beautiful thing.