Born-again Christians are ambassadors of the kingdom of God.  As those sent out on a life-long mission, we represent Jesus Christ.  Our feet are to be shod “with the preparation of the gospel of peace”.

Two ingredients are necessary if we aim to be effective in serving the Lord.  One is salt and the other is love.  Without salt or love, we are good for nothing.  Salt represents the moral preservative that a believer’s life should display.  Love is to be the principle or motive behind each thing that we do in our lives.

Our present world system is evil.  The grace of God that brought salvation taught us that denying those lusts in the world is the salt, or flavor of heavenly living.  Of course, salt stings the wound of sin, which is why the unsaved think we are strange.  But the salt is good; immorality is evil.  Never get the two mixed up.

When the salt is missing in our lives, the flavor of Christ is absent.  We need salt if there is to be a difference between “us” and “them”.  Biblical salt, or “salty saints” make a difference.  How do you flavor your office?  Young people, how do you flavor your school or college?  Parents, how do you flavor your children or grandchildren?  Is your speech salty, or is it a mixed fountain?

The other element we need in our lives is love; not mere human love, but the love of Christ!  His love is that which never fails and is ever present in our lives.  A loveless life is so tragic; it refuses to cover a multitude of sins or, when necessary, confront them.  Love is representative of God’s Spirit and nature.

May our Mighty God make each of us salt and fill us with the love of Christ that we need as His ambassadors because apart from them, we are good for nothing.