The word endurance describes the ability of the Lord that enables you to hang in there, persevere, bear trials. Endurance and Christ-like character are spiritual twins. The attribute of God that enables us to endure is love. Agape endures all things. By the way, endurance doesn’t mean enjoyment. The joy that we have while enduring our trials comes from understanding of Scripture about the reason for the trials. Also, we know in our trials that Jesus hasn’t forsaken us. On the contrary, He designs each test for our benefit and as a testimony of His power.

The human side of endurance is developed by godly exercise and discipline, and by regular participation in “the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” These are the basic elements for a living, growing faith.

We are soldiers of Jesus Christ and we learn endurance in this “boot camp” called life. We cannot selectively choose the things we want to endure and just “give in” to others.1 The day to day grind, as well as those times of afflictions, reveal the depth of our faith in Jesus.

Seasons of affliction are inevitable, but you can be certain, dear child of God, that the outcome of faithful endurance is the obtaining of a wonderful promise from Abba for you. If our focus is upon Jesus, if we’re confident in who He is, then we will be able to endure. Moses teaches us that lesson. Are you in an endurance lesson today? Look to Jesus. Your endurance is proof that you are His child.

Blessed endurance! Happy endurance! Precious endurance! There is something else that endures through every moment of every trial…the mercy of the Lord.